Pure Biologics Inc.

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Pure Biologics team includes several PhDs specialized in protein production, purification and characterization from different sources, including eukaryotic cells cultures. We have got experience in medium-scale production according to GLP and GMP standards, and we operate under PN-EN ISO 17025 norm - our competence is confirmed by over 7 years of successfull market presence and constant growth. Pure Biologics management has successfully coordinated and partnered in several publicly funded projects (including e.g. Eurostars EUREKA). The company has access to state-of-art facilities: Wroclaw Technology Park and Wroclaw Research Center EIT+, with the former including GMP-compliant clean room facilities designed especially for cell culture.

Role in the project

Establishing the protocols for medium-scale EPC cultures and EPC-secretome production in GMP-like standards including quality testing; providing EPC-secretome material for other partners.

Dr. Filip Jelen

Founder & CEO

Filip Jelen graduated from the University of Wroclaw (2001) and received his PhD in biochemistry (2004) conducting research on thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions in a Department of Protein Engineering. As a postdoc (2007-2010) he joined Prof. F. Murad lab, Noble Prize laureate, in the Institute of Molecular Medicine (Houston, USA) to study cardiovascular diseases related  signalling proteins. Currently holds an assistant Professor position at the Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wroclaw. He has a broad experience in biotechnology related businesses and is involved in many R&D projects associated with biologics and diagnostics development. 

Maciej Mazurek, MBA

Project Manager - R&D Department Director

Maciej is an experienced scientific manager with over 13 years of experience in various R&D projects. He worked at the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, USA; then at the Imperial College, London, and later in the Protein Engineering Group at the University of Wroclaw. He has been the Head of R&D at Pure Biologics since 2013, and the project manager for MAGBBRIS from the company’s side.

Przemyslaw Jurek

Research coordinator

Przemyslaw joined the company in 2014 and has been engaged both in direct research and project management ever since. He graduated from the Biotechnology Faculty at the University of Wroclaw, and gained substantial laboratory experience in Paris, France and Aarhus, Denmark. He also graduated from Industrial Pharmacy at Jagellonian University. Przemyslaw is the research coordinator for MAGBBRIS from Pure Biologics side.

Paulina Bugno

Senior R&D Specialist

Paulina is a graduate of Biotechnology at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences of Wroclaw, as well as of Chemical Technology at the University of Science and Technology of Wroclaw. She started her career in biotechnology industry in 2011, where she worked in the Quality Control and in the R&D Department. She has broad experience in working in a clean room as a cell culture specialist, all within GMP standards and quality systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 22716 and ISO 13485. Since 2017 she has worked at Pure Biologics in the R&D Department.

Agnieszka Kowalska

Scientific Project Manager

Dr. Kowalska got her PhD at the Wrocław University of Technology in the field of biochemistry. She then joined Wrocław Technology Park, contributing to the creation of 12 multi-branch laboratories. Agnieszka has several years of experience in managing R&D projects in the field of chemistry and biotechnology. She is co-author of several publications, patent applications and patents. Agnieszka started her career in Pure Biologics in 2019 as a scientific manager of two multinational projects: MAGBBRIS and MARA.

List of relevant publications

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Total number of citations: 845; cumulative IF: 80.56; index-h: 11