Prof. Peter Kopčanský

Institute of Experimental Physics,

Slovak Academy of Sciences (IEP-SAS)

Brief CV

Peter Kopcansky graduated in the field of nuclear physics in 1980 at Faculty of Sciences University of P. Safarik. His PhD study was devoted to theoretical study of transport properties in disordered solids. From the 1987 he started study magnetic particle properties in magnetic fluids.
His main field of expertise covers:
- Magnetic fluids for magnetic drug targeting (immobilized drugs: anticancer drug, anti-inflammatory drug, antihypertensive drug), interaction of magnetic fluids with amyloid structures to find appropriate therapeutic strategies to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

- Study of dielectric and magneto-optic properties of magnetic fluids from the fundamental point of view and applications (power transformer technology), and study of composite systems of liquid crystals with magnetic fluids. 

Since 05/2015 he is director of Institute of experimental physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice. He was supervisor of 13 PhD students and currently he supervising three PhD students. He is principal investigator or co-investigator in several national and international projects.

He is a member of International Advisory Committee of the World Society of Magnetic Fluids, a member of the grant study section committee in The Laue Langevin Institute in Grenoble (FRA) and in Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia. Author or Co-author over 150 full papers on peer reviewed Journals (h-index: 18), 2 chapters of books. 3 Scientific Awards.

Role in the project

Theoretical modelling, optimization, and construction of special focused magnet by using the
special arrangement of permanent magnets, generating higher induction and higher gradient of
magnetic field, enableing larger magnetic forces in deeper position of the human body.

Team qualification in the field of proposal

With more than 20 years of experience in producing magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic fluids based on different liquid carriers as well as characterizing their physical and chemical properties. The Institute of the Experimental Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences was recognized by the international evaluation committee as one of the top institutes (A*category). The Institute participates in several Centers of Excellence such as the “NANOFLUID” and the Centre of Excellence for “Cooperative phenomena and phase transitions in nanosystems with perspective utilization in nano- and biotechnology” funded by the Structural Funds of European Union. The team members are involved in additional international activities in the frame of COST Radiomag TD1402 and COST Nanouptake Action CA 15119.

List of relevant publications

1. Majorosova, J., Petrenko, V.I., Siposova, K., Timko, M., Tomasovicova, N., Garamus, V.M., … Hu, Ch.-K., Kopcansky, P., On the adsorption of magnetite nanoparticles on lysozyme amyloid fibrils, Coll. Surf. B, 2016, 146, 794-800 

2. Tomasovicova, N., Kovac, J., Raikher, Y., Eber, N., Toth-Katona, T., Gdovinova, V., Jadzyn, J., Pincak, R., Kopcansky, P. Biasing a ferronematic – a new way to detect weak magnetic field, Soft Matter, 2016, 12, 5780-5786

3. Rajnak, M., Petrenko, V.I., Avdeev, M.V., Ivankov, A., Feoktysov A., Dolnik, B., Kurimsky, J., Kopcansky P., Timko, M. Direct observation of electric field induced pattern formation and particle aggregation in ferrofluids. Applied Physics Letters, 2015, 107 (7), 073108

4. Rajnak, M.; Kurimsky, J.; Dolnik, B.; Kopcansky, P. Tomasovicova, N.; Taculescu- Moaca, E.A., Timko, M. Dielectric-spectroscopy approach to ferrofluid nanoparticle clustering induced by an external electric field. Phys. Review. E, 2014, 90(3), 032310

5. Siposova, K., Kubovcikova, M., Bednarikova, Z., Koneracka, M., Zavisova, V., Antosova, A., Kopcansky, P., Daxnerova, Z., Gazova, Z. Depolymerization of insulin amyloid fibrils by albumin-modified magnetic fluid. Nanotechnology, 2012, 23 (5) 055101

Team members

Dr. Milan Timko

Senior scientist

Head of Dep. of Magnetism

Dr. Andrej Musatov

Senior scientist

Head of Dep. of Biophysics

Dr. Jozef Kováč

Senior scientist

Dr. Katarína Šipošová


Dr. Michal Rajnak