First Euronanomed Review Seminar for MAGBBRIS

During late May 2019, Euronanomed hosted in Bratislava a Review Seminar for projects funded in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 joint Calls. Of course, MAGBBRIS project had it's representation on it: consortium coordinator Anna Rosell presented the top achievements during the first year of our ongoing work with endothelial progenitor cell secretome encapsulation and tracking.

During the poster exhibition held in the seminar, there was also representation from the MAGBBRIS consortium. Rodrigo Loiola, from the blood-brain barrier Laboratory of Artois University, presented a poster entitled: "Effect of magnetic nanocapsules and endothelial progenitor cells secretome on in vitro model of human blood-brain barrier".

Attendees also had the chance to know more of the rest of funded projects, as well as to receive a training workshop on Responsible Research and Innovation.

This was also the celebration of Euronanomed's 10th anniversary, so we congratulate all the team for their work supporting research on regenerative medicine, diagnostics and targeted delivery systems!!

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