Progress on MAGBBRIS presented in the Invictus+ network meeting in Spain

During the beginning of November 2019, VHIR members Anna Rosell and Alba Grayston travelled to Santiago de Compostela for the Invictus congress. The Invictus+ network, part of the Spanish Carlos III Health Institute, leads research in cerebrovascular diseases since 2006 and brings together stroke units and academic groups of 22 health research institutes, hospitals and universities.

Grayston gave a presentation on the intraarterial administration of Endothelial Progenitor Cell secretome in biocompatible magnetized nanocapsules as a targeted cell-free therapy for neurorepair after stroke. She explained to the audience how EPCs secretome promotes angio-neurogenesis in vitro and could be loaded into PLGA nanoformulations for a targeted brain-delivery to enhance tissue repair. Importantly, she showed how intraarterial nanocapsule administration after cerebral ischemia in mice proved to be safe and feasible, which could be considered in the context of endovascular interventions.

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