Paper published in Nanoscale: “3-in-1” nanocapsules for in vivo biomedical imaging

Nanoscale has published one of the first outcomes of the MAGBBRIS project: the synthesis of PLGA nanocapsules for drug delivery functionalized with three different contrast agents for medical imaging techniques. The nanocapsules can be safely administered intravenously and their biodistribution in vivo can be visualized in real time using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fluorescence (blue and near-infrared) and positron emission tomography (PET).

Since the three imaging techniques have different sensitivity and resolution limits they can provide additional information and can be used at different levels of drug development. This is particularly important in difficult-access tissues, such as the brain. "Having new biocompatible formulations that allow in vivo neuroimaging monitoring are necessary in pre-clinical research phases to assess the development of specific treatments", explains Anna Rosell, coordinator of the MAGBBRIS project.

The approach of this study is modular and allows including the contrast agents together or separately on the nanocapsules, without affecting their size or morphology. "This fact allows that in each nanodrug development, a different imaging technique can be used to validate the results", explains Anna Roig, researcher who leads the study at the ICMAB.

The publication of this study is one big “first step” for the MAGBBRIS project before testing the magnetic guidance and efficiency of nanocapsules containing Endothelial Progenitor Cell secretome as therapeutic agent for brain repair after stroke.

You can read more about this publication at ICMAB and VHIR websites. Also, different general audience media has echoed the publication: Nanomed Spain, La Vanguardia, El Diario Vasco.

The article is available Open Access at Nanoscale:

PLGA protein nanocarrier with tailor-made fluorescence/MRI/PET imaging modalities Yajie Zhang, Miguel García-Gabilondo, Alba Grayston, Irene V. J. Feiner, Irene Anton-Sales, Rodrigo A. Loiola, Jordi Llop, Pedro Ramos-Cabrer, Ignasi Barba, David Garcia-Dorado, Fabien Gosselet, Anna Rosell and Anna Roig

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